HTO, Ltd. Return Policy

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

    Simple. If you buy it from HTO, Ltd. then we guarantee it! HTO, Ltd. only sells quality, and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that every item you purchase at HTO, Ltd. meets your high standards…or you can return it for a replacement or a refund within one year of purchase.  Note, the HTO, Ltd. Satisfaction Guarantee does not cover every day, ordinary wear and tear, or damage caused by improper use or accidents. However, if your item has suffered a manufacturing defect in its make-up, materials or workmanship, HTO, Ltd. will help you to facilitate a solution at any time.  



    Return Policy

    • All returns and/or exchanges must be accompanied by proof of purchase (Store, Online or Gift Receipt, unless you are a Preferred Customer and the item is present in your sales history).
    • Any/all used items must be cleaned before they are returned (HTO, Ltd. does offer a cleaning service – see a store for pricing details).
    • No return of any/all used climbing gear or equipment that is load-bearing. Once load-bearing climbing gear or equipment is removed from our control, we cannot attest to its integrity; therefore we cannot accept any returns of load-bearing climbing gear or equipment for exchange, credit, or refunds. Please understand that this is for everyone’s safety.
    • No Return on Food Products - due to the importance of package integrity, once you have purchased any food item, it may not be returned for refund, credit, or exchange.
    • No return of books or publications.
    • All clearance sale merchandise purchases are final. Clearance sale pricing ends in $0.88.

    Climbing Shoe Wear

    Climbing shoes can wear quickly, in many cases faster than the average pair of athletic shoes. The soles of these shoes should not be allowed to wear within 1/8th of the rand. Note, if you allow the sole to wear any thinner than 1/8th of the rand, resoling becomes difficult, and can/could cause premature delaminating.  Please remember that activities such as trail walking or running will greatly increase the chance of sole or rand delaminating. Climbing shoes do not have a lifetime warranty and we cannot be held responsible for excessive wear or mistreated shoes.  Please take care of your climbing shoes so they will better serve you, and last you longer.


    Electronics Repair

    HTO, Ltd. always strives to work directly with our customers to resolve any warranty or performance issues. Fortunately, we represent only the very highest quality performance manufacturers in the world and they too share our concern for the performance of their equipment. In fact, for any warranty, repair or performance issues for/with electronics (including, but not limited to:  watches, bike computers, cameras, alarm clocks, pedometers, any/all Suunto products, any/all GoPro products), the manufacturer requires that the customer contact the manufacturer directly. Thus, all service and/or warranty issues regarding any electronic equipment (as noted above, but not limited to the specific electronic items listed above) must be resolved directly with the manufacturer. HTO, Ltd. cannot act as an intermediary. There are no refunds or returns on any used electronic equipment.


    Gear/Gift Cards

    Gear/gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash (except where required by law) or returnable and are not refundable if lost or stolen.


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