Careers at HTO, Ltd

    We here at HTO, Ltd are always looking for retail professionals who are passionate about outdoor activities. If you spend any of your free time doing one or more of the following activities, then we are interested in talking to you about a management career or a part-time position in Specialty Outdoor Retail.

    • Do you enjoy camping, hiking, climbing, running, watersports, biking and/or adventure travel?
    • Do you want to surround yourself with people who share your passion for all things outdoors?
    • Do you want to know everything about the gear we sell?
    • Do you get excited when the new, lighter, stronger, faster model comes out?
    • Do you love sharing the outdoor/adventure experiences you’ve gained?

    If your answer is “Yes” to these questions, and believe you have what it takes to work with one of the leaders in Specialty Outdoor Retail, apply now!

    We call ourselves “Outfitters” and we take pride in our tradition of preparing people for their personal adventures. In our selection process we want to hear about your expertise and desire to learn more about fitting boats, bikes, boots and backpacks. We want you to hear your stories about adventures gone wrong that ultimately turned into your best memory. But most of all, we want to meet passionate people who not only love the outdoors, but also believe that they can infuse their passion into others while managing or being a team member in a specialty outdoor store.

    We have opportunities for the right individuals in store management, in our bike shops and as part-time outfitters. Review each of our store team positions and submit your resume or apply at one of our locations today.

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    Lead Bike Tech (Part-Time)

    Bike Outfitter (Part-Time)

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