HTO, Ltd. Online Price Match Policy

    HTO, Ltd guarantees the best price. Period! And, we need your help to make sure that we’re delivering for you! If you EVER find an identical product at a lower price (and in stock) on another site, HTO, Ltd will match the price…AND…HTO, Ltd will ship your order for FREE (UPS standard ground)…AND…you’ll receive an additional $10 OFF your next online purchase ($25 minimum purchase)…AND…HTO, Ltd Preferred Members will of course receive FULL REBATE POINT VALUES! Don’t forget, HTO, Ltd Preferred Memberships do deliver extra benefits!

    So, for example, if you find a shirt or a sweater or a pair of shoes being offered for anything less at a competitor, HTO, Ltd will match the price if it's the identical product (and in stock)…AND…HTO, Ltd will ship your order for FREE…AND…HTO, Ltd will send you a $10 OFF coupon to be used on your next online purchase…AND…if you’re an HTO, Ltd Preferred Member, if the next item that you buy costs $26 (you’ll only spend $16 out of pocket), HTO, Ltd is still going to give you 26 REBATE POINTS!



    Price Match Rules

    1. Prices listed on any auction website are excluded.  Some examples of auction websites are:  eBay and Craigslist.
    2. HTO, Ltd and the competitor must both have the identical item in stock (same size, color, style, and season).
    3. This does not apply to gift cards or services.
    4. HTO, Ltd will honor the price match for up to two of the same item.
    5. HTO, Ltd will honor price matches up to 30% off of the original retail price.
    6. HTO, Ltd will price match US based competitors only. 
    7. Items can't be purchased for resale.
    8. Price matches cannot be combined with other promotions.
    9. Orders shipped to states where we have physical retail locations will be charged the applicable sales tax after the price has been adjusted.


    How to Start the Process

    1. Find the item.
    2. Email or Live Chat the specifics, and let us know where you found the item.
    3. Place your order on our website, and send us an email ASAP with all of the relevant information:  the item, where you saw it at a lower price, and that you want to price match the item. 


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