Mission Statement

    HTO, Ltd will exist only to be recognized as the Leader in the Specialty Active Outdoor Sports business. Our actions and our being will be rooted in positive energy. We will be passionate about health, happiness, and the outdoors.

    We will offer our customers the most authentic, the most enthusiastic, the most magical, the most knowledgeable, and the most extraordinary service and outfitting experience on the planet. We will smile with our customers; we will have fun with our customers, and we will respect their rights to browse our products and to be inspired by them.


    Employee Credo

    Every HTO, Ltd. employee will:

    • Provide every customer with a unique, one of a kind, powerful, mind blowing, extraordinary, magical experience that will be both transparent and authentic
    • Respect the rights of every customer to look around and to be inspired by their surroundings
    • Fulfill the company’s promise to be the absolute best, and will earn the opportunity to serve every customer
    • Not ‘sell' gear, but will outfit every customer for a happier, healthier and more active lifestyle
    • Render Positively Outrageous Customer Service to all people, at all times, and in all instances
    • Listen to every customer and make expert suggestions
    • Be energetic and electric, wearing passion for the active outdoor sports lifestyle like a badge of honor
    • Do all that is within their power to make a quality difference in every customer's life
    • Will represent HTO, Ltd with professionalism and pride
    • Live the Active Outdoor Lifestyle

    Mailing List